Make Me Smile: Writers Digest

twitterAfter being cautious about Twitter, then downright annoyed and bamboozled by it, I have finally hit my stride.  It takes time and effort to cultivate the contacts you want to follow via Twitter – lesson one for young players.  Only in the last week have I weeded out the marketers and really sought out and connected with writers.  It seems to have paid off.

I just found out Jane Friedman of Writers Digest mentioned one of my tweets from last week in her weekly blog post Best Tweets for Writers.

The link was to an article, Everything You Need to Know About Writing Successfully in Ten Minutes by Stephen King. I found it via Stumble and tweeted it on a whim. The article is basically a highly condensed version of On Writing – and certainly no substitute for reading it, but interesting none the less.

It would be good to hit such a jackpot again with one of my own articles … yes Universe, consider me having officially put “it out there.”

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