An Anniversary of Birthing

1day2go2I’m taking time out from writing about writing, books and publishing to celebrate the fact, this time five years ago, I was in the throes of labour, welcoming my son (who I thought at the time was a daughter!) one contraction at a time. He was born at home in just under four hours, with an independent midwife in attendence, supported by a doula and the whole thing photgraphed by a wonderful student photographer.

I have just spent the last ten minutes butting my head against the hard drive of my computer searching out Dylan’s birth story to repost here.  As it turns out it was never transferred from my old computer to my new computer three years ago (note to self to get hard drive taken out of old computer and put into one of those nifty mobile hard drive holders) AND I have lent the copy of the magazine it was published in to a friend so I can’t even do the tedious task of retyping it.

Why I wanted to post the birth story was it is pivotal in so many ways.

Firstly, setting Dylan’s birth story down in words was the first big piece of writing I had done in many years. It took me quite a few goes to get started, but when I did it flowed and I struggled to keep up – as I was handwriting it in the back of an old lecture notebook.  Putting down the story was important in me understanding at a deeper level why I had chosen to birth at home. Up until that point I hadn’t got it at that level.

Secondly, Dylan’s birth story was the first piece of writing I had published (in Down to Birth magazine). I got such a kick out of seeing it in print, with all our beautiful photographs … and the number of people who commented on the story.  I was lucky enough to have it published in an issue containing wonderful articles on blessingways. dylan llewellyn harris

Thirdly it got me on first name terms with the women who were working on Down to Birth then, through whom I learnt there was a position vacant for someone to do the layout. From little things big things grow.  I started off teaching myself Adobe Pagemaker to fulfil my role in layout and design, then moved into the editing role (keeping the layout duties) and I got my first taste of editing and publishing – which it seems will never leave me.  Chinese Whisperings had it’s very roots in my three years at Down to Birth.

Lastly though, it was through the process of becoming a mother, of understand the importance of creative living, that I returned to roost in my own creative dreams from childhood. It was also by being a stay at home mother I had for the first time in my life a chance to focus on writing, without the worry of having to put a roof over my head and food on the table. I will always be eternally thanksful to Dave for giving me the opportunity to do this.

I have much to be grateful for …. and I wont even mention the relief of having 24 iced and decorated cup cakes to hit the kindy class tomorrow.  Oops – I just did!

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