Chinese Whisperings Take Five

As part of the publicity for Chinese Whisperings, Paul and I are asking each of the writers involved to answer five questions, the answers for which will run in a featured writer section called “Take Five” (yeah not terribly original I know!) in the right side bar, changing ever five or so days.

With Dale on the job behind the scenes building the structure for the website (kudos to you Dale!) and helping to tweak the template and design … it is time to start plugging in the information.

Paul had the brilliant idea that as first writer on the project I got first go at being the featured writer – which means I get my mug on the front page and in the funky side bar box.  While I’ve written up my bio, and my reflections on being part of the project, I’m yet to write up my questions, which are:

  • Pick one book from each decade of your life. Who would you like to give that book to and why?
  • Do you have a favourite place to write? If so where is it?
  • What is the worst “knock” you’ve had to recover from as a writer?
  • When do you normally do your writing? What do you most like/dislike about writing then?
  • What is the easiest element of writing for you? What is the hardest?

I have to admit I have been procrastinating from writing the answers – but I can procrastinate no longer!

And on the topic of procrastination – tomorrow is also the day to write up the last bits of the basic web content for Chinese Whisperings.  So if you happen by here and there’s something burning you want to know about Chinese Whisperings – leave your question in the comment box and I’ll ensure it gets answered on the website.

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